One Year old Session Mr. “B”{ Michigan Baby Photographer}

May 5, 2010

Monday I had the pleasure of photographing an adorable 1 year old little boy Mr “B”. He must of had a sense it was my birthday ( even though they did not know) because he came in smiling right away.

This is always a great sign! One year olds can either be very hard to get to warm up or they are just overly happy.

Mr.”B” was very happy! Right away we got some awesome portraits of him smiling. Then we went outside for a few pictures and he discovered a little pine cone. You can tell he is so proud to show it to mommy!

Thank you so much Jake and Lauren for choosing Natalie B Photography to document this time in “B”s life.

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GRN: These are so cute, I can't wait to see more! I love the one with the pine cone, he looks like he's thinking "ooooooooh, look what I've got!"

nana: absolutely adorable

Amanda: Great pics! Love him :)

Grumpa: Love them both! Mr. Photogenic!

Dad: Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Lauren: Great photos! Thanks, Natalie.


Dave: I'm glad Mr. "B" came in smiling! He's the best.

GiGi: OOOOH-- Our beautiful baby boy What a blessing he is.

Christine Lohmeyer: He is sooooooooo cute!

Cheryl Fazio: Beautiful pictures of a beautiful boy!

Ginny: Wonderful photos. Such a handsome fellow.

Emily D.: adorable, I want to see the rest!

Nana: Great sneak previews, looking forward to seeing the rest!!!!

Danielle: OMG that kid has great hair!

Andi: He really is adorable. What a precious boy.

Grace: He's so adorable! We need more!

Liz: Just gorgeous photos. Love the cheeky chair shot.

Lynda: Oh my goodness. Those pictures are so adorable and perfect. I absolutely LOVE the one of him outside in the cloth diaper with a pine cone!

Karen: Oh Lauren, I love him! Very cute pictures!

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