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Today I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful 5 day old baby girl! I haven’t had a girl in a long time so this was a treat for sure!
Miss “L” was perfect for me, slept the whole time and saved her accident for mom !

Can you believe all that hair? So pretty! Two of my kids were bald until about age 1 so it always is amazing to see a newborn with tons of hair.

This first photograph she is wrapped in a blanket that was her moms when she was a baby. Love it when parents bring sentimental items!
Make sure to leave a comment for her parents!


Maria: She is soooooo beautiful and what a smile. You made my morning Lilia. Love you.

Jennifer Lange: OMG you guys....she is SOOOOOO Beautiful!! I can't wait to meet her this summer. Miss you, love The Lange's

Kay Taylor: Lilia Grace is absolutely beautiful! So very, very precious! An angel....

Sara: These pics are so gorgeous!! :)

Venn: awww... that baby L is SOOO CUTE! The chock full of hair is absolutely gorgeous! Good job 'rents!

holly: These are gorgeous pictures! I need to take Trinity for newborn pictures, a bit late...

Joy Evans: She is adorable. I love these pictures. Congratulations again!!!

Hector C: very beautiful baby, congrats T&R.

Aunt Sue & Uncle Bob: Tiffany and Romiro,How cute is she. Can't wait to see her.

Joy Evans: Congratulations! She's Adorable

Cindy Salkowski: That's my Girl!!! Now these are keepsake photo's that will be appreciated for years to come.

Jenny: So very precious and beautiful!!!!

Jenyee: She's wonderful! Is that a dimple I see already?

Alicia: Beautiful! What great pictures, she looks very cute.

Gaga and Papa: What an adorable granddaughter we are blessed with. Do they come any cuter and with dimples too!

Geeta: She is THE precious baby. The photograpy is incredible!

Jen Bellestri: She is so precious- you are very lucky parents.

Mark Bellestri: How beautiful- she takes after her great uncle!

don crump: she is a little doll

Cousin Melissa: LILIA is soooo cute!! Love the photography!!

Juanita: Lilia is very very cute, all snuggled up in your blanket, very sentimental!!!

Kirsten: What a precious gift she is! She is absolutely beautiful & I can't wait to meet her! Congrats on your beautiful daughter!

Maria: You are sooooooo cute Lilia!! Bienbenida. You just made my morning. And that smile, it reminds me of Little One. You are beautimous. Great photography.

Teresa: Lilia is adorable :) Cant wait to see her!

Rashmi: Lilia looks absolutely amazing in this photography. She is really cute and charming baby girl. Many Many congrats to her parent Tiffany and Ramiro.

Julie: Wow! These are such fabulous pictures! (I think it's hard to get good newborn pictures.) I love her dimple. I think she looks like Romero? What do you think?

Jack bellestri: Proud Grandpa!