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Meet Baby “R” 10 days old. Isn’t he adorable? What a cutie pie, he didn’t sleep for long but when he did we got some really cute shots!!

I just love little baby lips and hands!!




So I know I have been MIA for a bit and I apologize! I had gall bladder surgery last Wednesday ( which went very well) and have been resting. I am happy to say that my family, as well as our church family (COTS) has been taking great care of me! I feel wonderful and almost 100%.

The warm weather is upon us finally which makes for a busy season for me! Yah!!  June and July are both half booked already with seniors, kids and families so if you are considering booking a session NOW would be the time to call! Weekday spots are going first and premium weekends are still available for 175.00 per session.

If you are expecting a baby in the months of June/July/August and plan on having your newborn session with Natalie B Photography PLEASE contact me ASAP to get on my books. I always make time for newborns, but I need to know when you are due. Newborn sessions take place during the first week of birth ( preferably).

Ok well this is a busy week back to work!! I have 2 newborns and an 8 month old session ( one of my newborn babies)!

Meet Miss “A” she is 5 days old today! I was pretty excited to photograph a baby girl ( not that I do not LOVE all my newborns) but I have not had a baby girl for quite some time! She is already spoken for though, pre-arranged marriage to one of the newborn baby boys ( baby “J”) lol.

Miss “A” was  pure delight! She slept and slept ( and mom, dad and I sweat and sweat !!! in our 80 degree house!!!) It has to be REALLY hot for newborns to sleep and stay alseep, and it was. I have had the air on all day cooling the house off! It was so worth it though!!

So here are the cute sneak peeks of newborn baby “A”. Mom brought the cutest hats, a little vintage so I played with some vintage blends.

Please give these first time parents some blog love and leave some comments!!  Thanks again Tonia and Marc for a great session!




Michelle Pagnani: OMG!!! She is gorgeous. Hands off my niece Ashlyn boys...Baby Joey has 1st dibs. What a beautiful girl. Can you say future Victoria's Secret Model! Natalie you did awesome. You rock girlfriend!!! You will definitely have to photograph Joey Pagnani and Ashlyn Charder's wedding!

Ginger: The photos are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!! We can't wait to see the others. They bring me to tears,she's sooo precious and your pictures truly bring that out. Thanks for the sneak peek ... We're delighted with your work and so pleased that Marc and Tonia have selected you to do the photography. We're Very Proud Grandparents!!!

Jennifer: Tonia & Marc- what can i say beside BEAUTIFUL!!! When you told me about Natalie and I saw your friends baby pics I only hoped you would get them done for Ashlyn. I can't wait to see the rest :)

Nicole: OMG- these pictures are amazing. What a beautiful little girl. I can not wait to meet her.

Audrey: Great pictures! What an adorable little munchkin!

Tracy: These pictures are PRICELESS!! Congrats!!! :)

Shannon: She is beyond beautiful. Congratulations to you both!!!

Judy: I love how she is all "folded" up, her beautiful eyes and hair! Congratulations and welcome to the world, Ashlyn!

Leslie: Wow, she is beautiful! These pictures are awesome!!!! I need a tissue :-)

Shelley: She is so beautiful and love those lips. Great job Tonia & Marc you did good. I can't wait to see her in person.

Jeanie: Oh my gosh, sooo sweet. I love these pictures... congratulations Tonia and Marc - she is beautiful..

Missy: Oh my goodness! these are beautiful!! She is soo beautiful and so are the pictures I cant wait to meet her!!!

Uncle Matt: She is soo beautiful!! She really does look like Chloe. Love you guys.

Katie Coleman: She is just beautiful!!! What an angel!!! xoxoxoox

Meet Baby “G”! He was born on April 26th 2 weeks early but still weighs just under 8 lbs. What a cutie! I have never seen a baby with such long arms and legs, I think he is going to be tall! Who says newborns don’t smile? Baby “G” was such a smiler! Thanks so much mom and dad for all the hard work getting him to sleep it was well worth it!! Post 10 comments and this couple will get a complimentary set of wallets!






Amanda Petrowski: Great Job D & J!! What a handsome little man.

Nanette: what a cutie!!

Janice: My favorite great nephew is very cute and beautiful. Congrats parents.

Karen Delaney: I love how you capture the beauty of a newborn. Griffin's photos are fantastic! Can't wait to see them all. His proud grandparents - Karen & Marty

Nathalie: So incredibly adorable!

Lisa Delaney: He is so cute guys!

kristie zurek: omg!!! he is sooooooooooooooooooooo freakin cute...congrats to the delaneys!!!! job well done in the baby making process!!!!xoxoxoxkristie and peyton

Jill Day: Beautiful baby! J- I recognize those dimples!!

Kristie Lamb: What a cutie!!

Nicole Jacobs: I LOVE THESE...great decision to do them. He is such a blessing... If I had to pick my favorite, I think it would be 1!

Jocelyn Pagano: What a cutie. You can see a little dimple when he smiles!

Great Aunt Ange: great looking boy good work mom & dad oxox.

Grandma M: Words don't describe how beautiful he is and always will be.

Today I photographed baby “L” who is just a little over a week old. What a cutie!! I LOVE his hair! I have been getting newborns lately with so much hair. Too bad he wasn’t a girl, mom could put all kinds of bows in his hair lol. Isn’t that how it goes though? I know my daughter was bald till she was about 6 months old!

Baby “L” was so good, I mean he just slept and slept and slept! A photographer’s dream! He never woke up until we were all finished. Here are a few sneak peeks for mom and dad ( and grandparents too!)

Let’s leave some blog love for this cute baby!!!





mike spring: you really do great work Natalie :)

Racheal: SWEET... of course I might be just a little bias since this is my little bundle of joy..but Natlie is AWESOME!

Kim: How adorable. Such a great job on these natalie!

Charlotte Stringer: Perfect! Hands down - best baby shot I have seen all year!

mike spring: you do great work!

Karen: Natalie,your work is amazing.Thankyou for sharing

Kim: Beautiful baby from beautiful parents! Wonderful, touching photography!

Sandy: How sweeeeeeeet! How great to capture this, it goes by so quickly!

Madeleine: I love how you caught his smile. These are the best baby pictures I have ever seen!

Doris: Really enjoyed the beautiful photos. You bring out the best of their nature

I just had to stop and post this adorable picture. He has the cutest little lips!!